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Silver medal at European Championships

Congratulations to Calvin Fry on his remarkable achievement of winning a silver medal at the European Championships! It's truly a great success for him and the British Team.


It's impressive to hear that Calvin began his swimming journey with MXT over twelve years ago. This accomplishment is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and the support he received from his coaches and trainers, including MXT. Such achievements at such a young age demonstrate Calvin's talent and potential for future success in the sport.


We can only imagine the pride and joy that Calvin's family, coaches, and the entire MXT team must feel seeing him excel on such a significant stage. Calvin's silver medal is a reflection of his determination, perseverance, and the skills he has developed throughout his swimming career.


We wish Calvin Fry continued success in his swimming endeavors. May his achievement inspire and motivate other aspiring swimmers to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential in the sport.