COVID-19 Information


Questions to Ask Yourselves

Have you recently been in contact with anyone with Symptoms of Covid-19 or anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19?

Have you returned from a High Risk Covid19 Country?

Have you been tested for Covid19 and, if so, what was the Result?

If you have any concerns, please contact MXT to discuss.

Coming to Lessons

Please turn up on time for lessons, not too early, to reduce any risk of not being able to practice social distancing.

Please do not touch any unnecessary surfaces.

Please arrive in swimming gear to reduce changing room use. We are unable to loan hats and goggles, but if you do not have either, we have them on poolside to purchase.

  • Storrington (Rock Road): Entrance will be via the usual door. There will be a 1 way system in force, exit will be through the opposite door, and please use the path around the pool to get back to the car park.
  • Steyning (The Towers): Entrance will be via the rear doors. There will be a 1 way system in force, exit will be through the changing room door (original entrance).
  • Please ensure that the entrance doors are kept clear at all times

Baskets for shoes/clothes will be provided at the entrance door, and we request that they are left by the exit door to be cleaned and reused.

Changing rooms, if required after the lesson, will be allocated by the teachers to ensure that they are cleaned between use.

We request only 1 parent/guardian accompany the swimmer, where possible.  Please consider remaining in your car or outside the pool building.

The showers will be available purely to remove excess dirt/mud and hairdryers are unable to be used. A footbath will be available to clean feet prior to getting in the pool.

Lessons will be taught from the poolside, we are currently unable to teach from the water.

All teachers will be socially distancing and all equipment/surfaces/changing rooms/toilets etc will be cleaned on a regular basis.

We will be on poolside to answer any questions you may have.

Changes to This Advice

Please note that these details have been updated on 14/09/2020 and may be subject to change.

We will give details of changes, and the dates of the changes, here.