Boating Safety

  1. Make sure all the equipment is well-maintained
  2. Take a course of qualified instruction before going out in a boat
  3. Inform someone where you are going and your estimated time of return
  4. Always wear an approved flotation device e.g. buoyancy aid/ life jacket
  5. Wear layers of warm clothing with waterproof outer garments and non-slip footwear
  6. Learn emergency capsize and ‘man overboard drills’
  7. Check the weather before going afloat as conditions at sea can change suddenly
  8. If you capsize stay with the boat, you will be spotted more easily
  9. Keep fingers away from the edge when manoeuvring close to other boats or jetties
  10. If at sea carry a means of raising the alarm, e.g. red flags, orange smoke, flares, whistle blasts or radio maydays.