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Angela Chadwick, June 2014

We started our four children at MXT, then aged 9, 7, 6 and 3 years old in August 2013. I recall booking the lessons in a rush and was rather surprised that Mario could fit them all in at the same time, having been used to waiting endless hours entertaining three children whilst one swam and then rotating them through the evening swimming sessions which was highly boring, prolonged, and occasionally stressful.

My nine year old (Adam) could swim a few lengths when he started at MXT but was rather ungainly in the crawl and struggled with breast stroke and back stroke. Adam now swims with a beautiful style and cuts a smooth fast figure through the water in all strokes including butterfly and dolphin. Adam has enjoyed his one to one lessons and his teacher (Jane) has succeeded in improving his swimming beyond my expectations and has been successful in building a great rapport with him.

My seven year old could just about manage a width of the pool when we started at MXT and hated putting his ears in the water. We used to call him our little stone - he sank! Daniel now swims with confidence and ease and is learning to improve his stamina under the careful "no nonsense" approach of his excellent teacher.

My six year old Anna loves to talk - a downfall when every minute counts in a half hour swimming lesson! Mario has successfully drawn Anna out of the talking and into the swimming, making lessons fun but hard work. Anna has improved immensely under Mario's experienced lesson planning and implementation.

My three year old Michael could not swim when he started at MXT. He is now the proud owner of his 15 meter swimming badge and adores his teacher who has seemingly endless patience and good humour. Michael adores his lessons with his wonderful teacher - Tim.

As you can tell, I am absolutely thrilled with the progress all my children have made through MXT teachers, and it is most enjoyable to sit pool side for a half hour and watch them being taught - "Poetry in Motion"

Thanks to this excellent swimming school, I wouldn't hesitate to book.
Thank you Mario 10/10