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Katie Parker, July 2017

I am absolutely thrilled that I chose MXT as a swim school for both my boys. My eldest son has previously swam with other swim schools as a baby and toddler, and although slightly higher in price, MXT is worth every single penny! In fact so much so, that I didn't even bother looking elsewhere when booking my 14 month old in for lessons. Both my boys love the water and are confident in their own abilities and limitations. My 5 year old does the intensive sexsions in thr holidays and has done since be was 3 years old because he learnt better having a lesson every day, he has now decided he would like to have weekly lessons because he enjoys the water and his lessons with Tim so much, and this is something I hope to start in September. My 14 month old started weekly lessons at the beginning of the year and although at first cried, he is now so excited to get in the pool, he leaps into Chris's arms the moment he sees him! The teachers always put the childrens interests first and do their best to accomodate the childrens needs. I can not recommend MXT highly enough!