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Linda Long, March 2014

MXT Teacher: Timothy Long
a Personal Statement from his Parents

Tim is the youngest of three siblings. He has an older sister and an older brother.
Tim has always been quite a shy person but has grown and matured into a very likeable young man.
At school during his primary school years Tim was not happy to be at school as he didn’t feel he fit in as he was much happier in the company of older children and not those of his own age, but he was always well liked by his teachers. His teachers always felt that he could do better.
When Tim moved on to secondary school he excelled in all aspects of his school work.
It was here that he gained more confidence and had the benefit of having a few very close friends that remain good friends today.
As his parents we never pushed Tim. We allowed him to be himself and to do what he thought was right for him.
We gave Tim guidance when we felt he needed it or Tim asked us what we thought would be best for him.
Although mostly he didn't take any notice of what we said anyway!
Tim chose BTEC sport, German, media and food tech for his GCSE and of course the usual subjects that are obligatory.
Tim didn't study very hard on his homework, though he did fair a little better during school time. As his parents, we thought he could have worked harder and got better grades:
• He passed distinction in BTEC sport
• German passed grade C
• Media failed Tim didn't enjoy this subject at all,
• Food TEC passed grade A
• Maths, English, science passed grade B
These results enabled Tim to go on to college to do a levels BTEC sport and psychology, passing with grade D in psychology and distinction grade A* for BTEC sport!
JOB DONE. Now we knew what Tim was going to do!
Although Tim wasn’t much interested in getting a job and spent too much time on his computer, watching TV and all of those waste of time things.
An advert was spotted in the paper for swimming instructors and this advert was given to Tim.
Tim phoned about the job, went for an interview and got the job!
This was the start of Tim becoming a young adult, earning his own money and learning what live is really about.
Tim has grown in stature confidence self-awareness and awareness of other people and the world around him.
Becoming a swimming coach has allowed Tim to come into contact with so many different people, children, the parents of the children that he teaches.
Tim through his job has been able to continue with his education as well, as there have been many courses to attend and still many new skills to learn.
Tim’s job is challenging, inspiring, life skill building and so much more.
Tim has developed into a well-balanced caring and mature young man because his swim teaching job has taught him so many things in life that he never knew he was going to learn
Tim will continue to grow; he has now been accepted for university in September, and what will he be studying? You’ve guessed it: sport and more sport!