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Nicola, Mum of 2 (6 1/2 and 21/2), July 2013

Although we'd taken our son for swimming lessons since he was a baby it had always been a battle. He never enjoyed them and as a result was still very nervous in the water with hardly any confidence. However, that changed when we started lessons with MXT. In the first lesson they had him smiling as he put his head in the water! Now 6 months later he has his 15m badge and laughs as he jumps into the deep end.They have managed to turn swimming lesson from something we used to dread into something Owen really looks forward to. The speed of his progress is due to the lessons being one to one. This helps give your child confidence so they progress much faster than in conventional classes. They also offer intensive swim weeks in the School holidays which I really like as it is easy to see the improvement in your child swimming at the end of week. The only thing I would change is for the administration to be a bit more pro-active but I cannot fault the teaching and the confidence it has given my son. Owen says 'MXT is a really good swimming place they can teach you to do lots of good swimming in different strokes. They've got very good teachers who are very kind. If you are a non swimmer or scared of water, they can easily make you a swimmer who is very confident'