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Rachel Bell - MXT SWIM TEACHER, February 2014

Working for Mario and the MXT Team, for the past 7 years, has been a real pleasure. I have grown both as a person and a teacher, under his employment, and he has been fully supportive and encouraging of my development. He has helped me find creative ways of inspiring children, and opened my mind to new approaches of teaching and learning.
I had my reservations, at first, about his innovative in-water, one-on-one teaching style, but it has proven more than successful. I have witnessed, with my own eyes, children and adults improve ten times quicker under his teaching technique than the usual, and more widely used, methods of teaching swimming.
I have seen children and adults of all ages, abilities, and disabilities thrive through the MXT teaching programme. Most astounding of all, are the staggering improvements made by the participants of the MXT Intensive Courses.
Mario encourages all of his employees to contribute to the furthering and development of the swim school, and themselves, through the inspiration of inventive and visionary improvements to teaching methods and management.
He is the heart of the ‘MXT Family’, encouraging his employees to bond both within work and outside of it through fun activities such as Go-Karting and visits to the cinema, to meals and nights out. He believes that the strong connection between his employees, and himself, is fundamental to the efficiency and the progression of the swim school.
All in all, working for Mario and being part of the MXT Family has been a pleasure, and I wish them only the best in all their future exploits and achievements. I am sorry to leave, but I will definitely be staying in touch!