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Susi Lancaster, April 2014

I first brought Toby to an MXT course at the age of 8. He could swim just about 10m in a kind of
doggy paddle and had not been out of his depth without arm bands. After a week, with some special
individual attention to increase his confidence in the water, he gained his first certificate and badge -200m!
We have come to many of the intensive courses now and Toby (age 10) has swum 1500m. I'm very
pleased with the great technique he has developed.
Elsie first took the plunge and did an intensive course at the age of 6. She had been swimming with
me many times but would not go in the water without flotation aids. By the end of the week she
swam 5m and most importantly had overcome her fear of the water. Even though she has had
few lessons in between, Elsie has improved at every intensive course she has been to and has now
gained her badge and certificate for 600m (age 7).
My children love swimming with MXT. The teaching technique leads to fast progress and fun
sessions. The teachers are well trained and very motivating to the children, giving plenty of
individual attention to each of them.

Thank you MXT Swim School!