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Tina Stratton & Ben Stratton, June 2013

Dear Chris and the MXT team,

I wanted to write to thank you for the brilliant way you have changed my 9 year olds life!!

Up until a few weeks ago he couldn’t swim. He wouldn’t get water anywhere near his face and refused point blank to have lessons. Eventually he agreed to a 1:1 trial with MXT as several of his school friends told him it was fun.
During the assessment he actually put his face in the water and came out the pool reluctantly. He hasn’t looked back since and now enjoys ‘touching the bottom’ and picking up things from the bottom. Although he does have his favourite teacher, he isn’t worried if he has a different one and progresses each lesson whilst still having fun.

He lives from one lesson to the next and would come every day, all day if he could. He can’t wait to get into the pool and doesn’t want to get out after his lesson.

This new-found pleasure has not only given him confidence in the water but more self-confidence in all he does.

Thanks to Tim, Cammy and the MXT team my son has found a life changing hobby that he simply can’t get enough of – long may it continue!!

With many thanks,

Tina Stratton