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Sophie , August 2021

Thank you so much - neither of my children had swimming lessons before and with covid they hadn't been in a swimming pool for over a year. The teachers put them at ease and the progress they made in a week was superb. My youngest had a fear of swimming so seeing him happily get in the pool was really great, would definitely recommend and come again. Thank you!

Natalie Le Bouedec , August 2021

Both my children have loved swimming with MXT. Great swimming teachers and facilities, would highly recomend!

Michelle Townend, August 2021

Excellent week of swimming. My daughter has progressed so much and alwas really enjoys coming. Highly recommend.

Steph Haddock, August 2021

Amazing lessons . My sons technique and confidence has massively improved this week and my little girl has had a great time. Brilliant instructors and we will be continuing with regular lessons.
Huge thanks

Nathalie Davis, August 2021

MXT swim school is fabulous. Both my children have made significant progress in only a week (on the intensive course). Its been so lovely to see them grow in confidence so much and they are on the way to being little swimmers. We will be back for the October intensive course and can't wait. The teachers are wonderful with the children and get to know them so well. Mine both love it and can't wait to go each day.

Eva Esposito, August 2021

It is a very great practice for the kids. My 6 year old missed lots of swimming due to the covid, and after one week of intensive course, I could have seen a massive improvement and the confidence he gained . Would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Roanna Simmons , August 2021

A family feeling to the swimming lessons, but also both swim teachers Lo & Mark are very chilled and encouraging. They know their stuff. I swear they are secretly magicians as both boys (twins) started not confident, come a few lessons. They are transformed! As a mother, I am so happy. How quickly it happened! Will be looking to book more lessons!

Kylie Richardson, August 2021

The children have loved coming to their sessions and the variety has kept them engaged and excited. We have been really impresed with their progress in just one week and the instuctors have been full of patience and positivity.

Anastasia , August 2021

Naomi taught my six-year-old to swim 15 meters in four days - extraordinary! He has loved the week of swimming and is feeling very proud of himself for the achievement. Would completely recommend for any parents whose child is not quite there yet and needs that extra attention one-on-one.

Marianne Monk, August 2021

My daughter has benefitted so much from doing the intensive swimming course. I've been amazed to see her go from being a non-swimmer to a confident swimmer. She's worked on various strokes and techniques and had lots of fun in the process. The course comes highly recommended by both of us.

S Tatford, August 2021

Great lessons, and great improvement in such a short period.

Claire Johnston, August 2021

Our son came on the intensive 5-day course, he came, happy to put face under whilst holding his nose, not yet able to really move in the water unless bobbing along touching the bottom, was very apprehensive about the idea of going out of his depth without floats. Day 3 of five he swam without any aids. So so proud of him and it is all thanks to the calm, and patient teaching from Naomi his teacher. THANK YOU!

Gemma Maxey, August 2021

I have been so pleased with my daughter's progress during her intensive week swimming course. I love MXTs style of teaching and her teacher Jonathan has provided the right level of encouragement and support. My daughter is so excited to take part each day and it's been well worth the additional investment in one-to-one versus group lessons.

Vikki Rose, August 2021

My daughter has improved so much in the water since her first lesson.
She is gaining confidence with the way her body works in the water and how to breathe with each stroke she is taught. Quite clearly she will never reach the Olympic team!! But as a parent, I am more relaxed knowing she has gained the confidence to keep herself safe in the water.

Jim duncan, August 2021

A fantastic swimming school with brilliant teachers. Mark has transformed our child's swimming ability in a very short space of time and has a fantastic approach to his teaching. We highly recommend them.