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Patricia Ahern, March 2013

Our 3 grandchildren have attended lessons during the school holidays and we have been delighted at their rapid progress in obtaining/perfecting swimming skills and would highly recommend the school to other parents/grandparents.

Edward, February 2013

My son Jack (4yrs) was reluctant to get in the water at the start of the week, but by the end he was much more confident, and went from not wanting to put his face in the water to willingly going to the bottom of the pool to get toys. When he heard about this feedback form about the lessons he asked me to say: "They were brilliant! I love Chris [his main teacher], he helped me."

I would definitely recommend the school.

Mrs Dawson-Cantelo, September 2012

Mrs Dawson-Cantelo

I would just like to say that we have been having swimming lessons with MXT for over 3 years now. After one or two lessons my children had lost their fear of water, and now 3 years on all of them have progressed in strength, technique and grace. The health benefits of swimming are notable and MXT have made it a fun and relaxed environment. Thank you. Mum of four - from Worthing

Pauline Martin, February 2012

Over the last year both my children, aged 6 years and 18months, have enjoyed their lessons with the MXT Swim School and made huge progress. I then decided to take improver lessons myself, although I was a little sceptical what it would be like. I have always enjoyed swimming but now I have learnt good technique and improved my stamina. My lessons have become the highlight of my week. They are, fun informative and good fitness. For half an hour I forget everything else and concentrate on my lessons with the undivided attention of my instructor.

Martin Tooth, February 2012

I got to be 57 and still could not swim, despite constantly promising myself that I would take a special ‘teach you to swim in a week’ holiday. So why did I keep putting it off? I was scared probably, having only been in the water briefly as a boy, put there by a PE teacher whose idea of teaching was to supply a float and then chat to the PE mistress! A friend recommended MXT Swim School and gave me Mario’s number. It took me nearly 3 months to make that ‘phone call, but it was a ‘phone call that changed my life really.

Jolesfield School, September 2010

Jolesfield School Association would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your support of our recent Auction of Promises Event. We raised in excess of £4,000 on the night. We could not achieve this staggering amount without the continuous support and generosity shown to our village primary school by the local businesses.

From all of us at Jolesfield School, thank you MXT Swim.

The Countess of March, September 2010

My four children have been taught swimming by the MXT Swimming School over the last 7 years. I hold the MXT team, consisting of Mario Trichkov, Suzanne Strudwick, Lyubima Nikolova and Charlotte Bayliss in very high regard.

My children like and trust all four teachers, and I have seen consistently good results over the years. The team has an ethos of hard work and fun and the children gain enormous sasitfaction from their various swimming achievements. They are good at encouraging and motivating the children, and seem to get the best from them.

Billingshurst Infants School, September 2010

Thank you very much for being one of our sponsors at the Summer Sizzler! Due to your support we have raised the money we needed for our tree house. Thank you again and we hope you will support our school again next year.

From the School Council.

Ashurst CE Aided Primary School, March 2010

Thank you very much indeed for your swimming instruction of the junior pupils at Ashurst Primary this Spring term. They have clearly enjoyed the experience, grown in confidence in the water and made progress in their swimming skills.

We look forward to continuing our successful swimming partnership with yourself and the Towers Convent School in 2010-2011

Helen Woods, December 2009

Just a note of thanks for the fantastic lessons the boys have received this year. They have so obviously benefited enormously from being matched with the right teachers for each of them individually (Billy and Chris) and share a great rapport which motivates them really effectively.

My younger son had a medically complicated start in life, but swimming has dramatically improved his physical stamina, confidence and general ability. The confidence they have both gained in the water readily translates to other activities and everyday life. The lessons are proving a great investment.

The Earl of March, March 2004

Mario has been teaching my children swimming for the last few years. Immediately he began working with them, their ability and confidence increased by leaps and bounds. One of them, who wasn't particularly keen on swimming, now absolutely loves it. He is both an excellent teacher and a great enthusiast and manages to impart his knowledge in a way children find inspiring.

I can't recommend him more highly.