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Sam McCarthy, August 2021

Booked my daughters for their first swimming lessons and they have done so well in just one week. They have enjoyed themselves and are now very confident in the water. I will definitely book them another intensive course next summer.

Hina Shah, August 2021

I cannot recommend MXT enough. My daughter was a nonswimmer when she first started and she has gained bundles of confidence since she started here. The instructors are patient, they listen to your concerns and tailor the swimming lessons to your child's individual needs. My daughter has just completed 2 week's of intensive swimming classes and she's gone beyond her comfort zone and achieved so much. I am super proud of her and can't thank Chris, Jane and Kellie enough.

Sau Pang, August 2021

My boys love doing the intensive swimming every year and we have been doing this for 4 years now!

Mr Collier, August 2021

My son has grown so much in confidence since coming to his lessons and has made excellent progress with his swimming.

I would recommend MXT to all!

Alison Bennett, August 2021

Coming back to MXT after lockdown has been a joy for my children. Thank you for your fantastic teaching and support.

Sara Guiel, August 2021

My 11 year old daughter has made serious progress this week. She has thoroughly enjoyed the patient and knowledgeable expertise that her instructor Lo has provided. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend these intensive swim course weeks.

J Bee, October 2020

My children (now 9 and 7) have been with MXT for the last couple of years. I've been so happy with the standard of teaching. My daughter has grown in confidence hugely and is now swimming front crawl beautifully. My son age 9 is swimming to a high standard and has just been accepted into a swim squad. This is all due to the exceptional teaching at MXT. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them!

Mark Newman, January 2020

Excellent Pool facility at Storrington to compliment the fantastic MXT staff.
Our 7 year old daughter has moved from a nervous of the water child, to a competent swimmer with the help of her wonderful teacher Mark.
Having watched over many months all the MXT staff instruct in the water, one is left with the feeling that each lesson is given with equal attention, care and instruction, by all the MXT trainers.

Jeni Ward, August 2019

My boys have made incredible progress during their intensive week of lessons with Mark and Laura. I booked them in as I was concerned about their poor technique and lack of progress in their other weekly group sessions. Well.... under the guidance of Mark and Laura they now look like 'proper' swimmers! Not only has their technique improved enormously, they are now enjoying their swimming because it is much less of a struggle for them. They can't wait to get back in the water to practise their strokes! Thank you again for an awesome week. We'll see you next time!

Emily Denny, August 2019

My daughter was taking lessons at our local leisure centre but I've now cancelled them because her progress in one MXT lesson surpassed that of 3 terms. The teacher made it so much fun; continously switching the format and skills. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Louisa Brookfield, August 2019

It's day 4 of the week's swimming course for my 2 children and I have to say the difference in their swimming is amazing! The teachers are incredibly attentive. The children's techniques have dramatically improved as has their confidence. Thank you!

Mimi Jeffery, August 2019

Both of my boys have had lessons at MXT for a few years and have made amazing progress. The teachers here are excellent and having a 1:1 session means that the teachers can really focus on giving the individual attention to help progress their swimming technique quicker. My childen love having their weekly lessons and are both so confident in the water.

Christine Adams, August 2019

MXT swim school fine tuned my daughters technique in all strokes and were honest to say when she needed to swim at a club to progress further as they had taken her as far as they could. The result, her school swim team becoming national swim champions in their category this year in Sheffield with her swimming third leg in the relay. None of this would gave happened for Emma without MXT. Thank you so much Chris and all the team who helped her get to where she is today.

Vicki Heasman , August 2019

Mxt are a fantstic swimmimg school with amazing teachers. Interaction between staff and parents is first class. We have been swimming here for a year and my son has gained so much confidence and now swims over 100 meters, he looks forward to coming every week I would recommend them to everyone!

G'del , August 2019

Third time. The most amazing progress for my grandkids, one 8 one 5. The teachers are kind and caring and unerstanding. They expect progress and get the most out of the kids. They come out happy and smiling and have achieved so much. Thanks a lot to you all. I love bringing them here. Happy days!!