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Read on for selected comments from some of our many happy customers.

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Sarah Cork, August 2017

Thank you for a great week swimming, Caitlin has been a fantastic teacher and Eliza's swimming has improved more in a week than in months of other lessons and she's so confident and excited about putting her new diving and jumping skills into practice on holiday!

Amanda Di Clemente, August 2017

We were so impressed with the quality of teaching on the weekly intensive, that we booked an extra week!
My 3 children have dramatically improved; 2 of them complete non swimmers (and rather nervous in the water) are now jumping in with confidence and can do 5 metres! My older son, had dreadful technique and has improved so much! We will definately be returning and highly recommend the school. Its teachers, each one of them, expresses such empathy, sensitivity, enthusiam and knowledge! I will even be booking some adult lessons so that i can catch up with the kids!

Miki B, August 2017

Best swim school around,taught both my children to swim quickly ,and they really enjoyed every lesson.

H Parker , August 2017

All of my children have attended the MXT Intensive sessions over the past few years and their swimming has really improved as a result. Lovely teachers and very flexible booking system, highly recommended.

Mrs Mills, August 2017

Well organised lessons with teachers who are able to engage the children with visible improvements in a short space of time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Jenny Cannadine, August 2017

My son has really grown in confidence in the last week. I wasn't sure it was worth the cost of one to one lessons, but I'm so glad I decided to do it. The manual manipulation technique of showing the child exactly where and how to move their arms and legs seems to produce instantaneous correct strokes! We have gone from my son being a limpet on my arm to him roaming freely on a float around the pool and even some swimming without it. I hope I can pick up the good work where our intensive lessons finish.

Naomi L, August 2017

My son has absolutely loved his lessons here. Every day he has been so excited to go to swimming and can't wait to get in the water!
I can see his confidence grow with each session and a big improvement has been made already.
I would definitely recommend MXT!

Clare Mann, August 2017

We had read good reviews for MXT so decided to sign our 5 year old son up to an intensive course. We have not been disappointed. Our son's confidence in the water has increased massively and he now jumps in happily with no armbands. He has gone from not being able to swim to being able to swim about 5 metres. Great friendly coaching. Not cheap but worth every penny.

Katie Watts, August 2017

My daughter has been swimming with MXT for 2 years now and she loves it. She has grown in both confidence and ability. The instructors work at her pace, we feel it is great value for money as we see real progression in her technique. Over the 2 years we have had a few different instructors all of whom have been of a high standard. In addition to weekly swimming lessons, we often do an intensive course which enables my daughter to perfect skills she has been working on and where possible gain distance badges which she is always delighted with.

Sophie Winterton, August 2017

We love MXT! Our 8 year old twins have gone from strength to strength since starting intensive courses. We have just completed our third week, and the instructors continue to develop a stylish and strong technique, whilst ensuring it remains fun. All instructors have brought individual strengths to lessons, and the twins always look forward to them.

Mr & Mrs Taylor, August 2017

Both our children have learned to swim through MXT using the intensive courses in the holidays. They have always really looked forward to their sessions and the various coaches have always been so friendly and encouraging. It has been lovely to see their water confidence and ability flourish over the years we have been coming. The stepwise approach to each stroke and use of aids is very creative and engaging and creates a wonderful environment for fun learning.

Eb Gargano, August 2017

Another brilliant week at MXT! I always know my kids will improve loads, but this time has really exceeded my expectations. My son went from being able to swim only about 5m before stopping, to swimming 75m - incredible! Both of my children have also increased in their swimming confidence and are already asking me when they can come back again. Thank you!

TASH, August 2017

Son completed two weeks intensive course, he is far more confident in a pool and can swim 5 metres. Looking forward to continuing weekly sessions. Staff are great!

Lucy Hayday, August 2017

We love it here at MXT! Both my children have come on leaps and bounds with their one on one swimming tuition .

The instructors are kind, patient, yet firm and really help the children to achieve their goals - whether that be mastering the front crawl or swimming the 400m. A great place to learn or fine tune your swimming.

Jenny and Volker , August 2017

MXT Swimschool has been amazing. Very friendly staff from the beginning. One boy (8) went from being scared to go in the water to swim a whole lane unassisted. The younger one (6) progressed equally. A life changing journey for the whole family.
We couldn't recommend the courses highly enough. As a matter of fact, the boys and we want to continue with more advanced classes.
A big kudos and thank you to the team at MXT!