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Trudi Robbins, August 2017

So so pleased with the progress that both my daughter and my son have made this week. They both started off as non swimmers and in just one week their confidence has grown beyond expectations. My 8 year old son is able to swim unaided from not being able to put his head under water and being scared, to begin with and my daughter age 5 has made tons of progress too and has quite literally giggled the whole way through. They have enjoyed every moment, did not want the week to end and it's because Mark and Tim are absolutely amazing. Would most definitely recommend.


Great way to improve, in the one week intensive class johnny went from just swimming to getting his front crawl stroke and kicking really sorted. Very happy with his progress!!

Lisa Coles, August 2017

My son has just completed a week one to one swimming with MXT swim school and has loved it! His instructor was lovely and very reassuring. His swimming has improved massively in just one week and I am so impressed! Would highly recommend MXT for all ages and abilities.

Jo Dupee, August 2017

My three daughters have had a great week of intensive swimming lessons this week and wouldn't mind carrying on! They have all clicked with their swimming teachers and each lesson has been tailored to what their needs. I am most pleased with the approach to the communication needs for my daughter who is deaf and wish everybody approached this disability so well.....well worth every penny and would 100% recommend MXT swim to every parent...I shall take some fliers for the school line! Thanks to everyone on the team!

James O'Farrell, August 2017

A fantastic week for the girls! Their swimming has come on so much and most importantly they have really enjoyed it! Thank you so much to the great instructors. The girls will be back!

Cheryl and Vinnie Minter , August 2017

This course has been amazing within 5 days my boy can swim im so delighted and he loves it. Mark has been a fantastic teacher and we are now going to continue with weekly lessons. Thank you x

Mr Wheeler, August 2017

My grandson has done amazing in such very short time the staff are all exsemely good this is one of best things i have done for my grandson if you are thinking of having swimming lessons for your child this is the best place to come

Amir Alavi, August 2017

Teachers are well trained in swimming techniques and child psychology. Fun for kids and good progress, at any level, in few sessions.

Houri Alavi, August 2017

Great coaching, amazing progress. Love the way MXT teachers work with the children. Thank you

Katie Parker, July 2017

I am absolutely thrilled that I chose MXT as a swim school for both my boys. My eldest son has previously swam with other swim schools as a baby and toddler, and although slightly higher in price, MXT is worth every single penny! In fact so much so, that I didn't even bother looking elsewhere when booking my 14 month old in for lessons. Both my boys love the water and are confident in their own abilities and limitations.

Thomas Owens, July 2017

Thomas really enjoyed the intensive week, the instructer was brilliant with him and made the lesson fun. He has improved lots and he would like to continue, especially with Anna.

Joan Coe, July 2017

I was very pleased with the whole experience. My grandson lives by the sea and thought he could swim! He had a weeks intensive course with Jane as his teacher. He really improved his style and enjoyed the lessons. I think the individual tuition was good value and would bring my other grandson if the occasion presented itself. Everyone i came into contact with was helpful and pleasant.

Charlotte Stott, July 2017

Excellent intensve swimming course.Teacher was very supportive and made lessons fun

Sharon Geal, July 2017

I have been very happy with the swimming lessons, I'm surprised how quick my sons confidence and progress has improved, he has really enjoyed it, I'm sure i can follow on from here maybe having the odd lesson. Todd has had an intensive week and well worth the money, the young girl jade that was teaching him is great and he trusts her, he wouldn't happily put his head under water in a pool before this lesson, I will be passing great recommendations onto my friends, well worth it thankyou

Claire George, July 2017

The teachers have been really good at giving my 3 and 5 year old confidence in the water. They have introduced a number of skills from early on but it is done in such a way that they are not overwhelmed. They have been really excited to come back each time which has made it so much easier. The 1 to 1 teaching makes a huge diffence as everything csn be tailored. I would definitly recommend mxt and we will definitely be back.