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Mary Thain, August 2013

My two girls have been swimming with MXT for 2 years. Eva, who is now 6, learnt to swim on a summer intensive course. It was amazing to see how confident she became after a week. She has just got her 200m badge! Isabelle, now 8, has just got her 600m badge. She is a brilliant swimmer and has the most beautiful front crawl. Thank you to all those at MXT especially Mario, Chris, Rachel, Billy, Kerry, Andrea and Tim.

Mark Anderson,, August 2013

My 6 year old has just completed his one week of intensive lessons. Before the lessons he was not confident in water. In fact, on day one he was in tears because he didn't want to do it. His teacher was fantastic and gave him lots of reassurance and high fives! By the end of the week he was confident in the water and even dived into the deep end, hands and head first.
I am so grateful for the patience and encouragement of his teacher. I would definitely recommend MXT for one to one lessons as so much can be achieved in a short space of time. Thank you!

Anja Hemmerich , August 2013

Fast track indeed! My 10 year old son became a confident swimmer in next to no time. Having had bad experiences during school swimming lessons he didn't trust anyone to teach him but the lovely team at MXT strengthened his confidence and completely turned it around! He was looking forward to his lessons and couldn't wait to jump in! Many thanks to the competent and friendly teachers and Chris and Mario!

Anja and family from Lewes

Nicola, Mum of 2 (6 1/2 and 21/2), July 2013

Although we'd taken our son for swimming lessons since he was a baby it had always been a battle. He never enjoyed them and as a result was still very nervous in the water with hardly any confidence. However, that changed when we started lessons with MXT. In the first lesson they had him smiling as he put his head in the water! Now 6 months later he has his 15m badge and laughs as he jumps into the deep end.They have managed to turn swimming lesson from something we used to dread into something Owen really looks forward to.

Kirsty, Mum of 2, Worthing, July 2013

Both my children have had swimming lessons with Mario - I really like his style and pace of teaching which is suited to the individual child. My older daughter could already swim but had some lessons to improve on her technique. My younger daughter was unable to swim and very nervous in the water and within 4 months of lessons could swim independently and now enjoys joining in the swimming races at school. As she had been so nervous, we were told by another swim school that they wouldn't accept her but Mario turned the situation around.

Chessy and George Tudor-Williams, June 2013

My little boy has sat for four years looking longingly at our pool at home and on holidays wishing he was brave enough to get in but he just couldn't because he was terrified of everything to do with water, even baths were a chore and an experience he never enjoyed. I thought that taking him to swimming lessons was going to be miserable and a time that he cried and felt afraid and I watched in horror as I put my son through this trauma. How wrong I was!!

Jeannie Brooke Barnett, June 2013

Mario is a brilliant swimming instructor and I can highly recommend him. You don't have to be a child to benefit from his expert training. I was 50 years old when I had my first lesson with Mario and his aquatic skills transformed my enjoyment of swimming.

Tina Stratton & Ben Stratton, June 2013

Dear Chris and the MXT team,

I wanted to write to thank you for the brilliant way you have changed my 9 year olds life!!

Kathy, May 2013

We have just finished a week of intensive swimming for my two children aged 5 and 8. They have had a great week. Their instructors Melissa and Jack made them feel so confident and they have both improved so much in the past 5 days. I have tried other swimming lessons before but these lessons were so much better. Mainly because of the individual attention they both got and the fact that because the pool has a deep end so my timid daughter actually had to have a go at swimming and not just spent all the time with her feet on the floor! Thank you for a great experience.

Patricia Ahern, March 2013

Our 3 grandchildren have attended lessons during the school holidays and we have been delighted at their rapid progress in obtaining/perfecting swimming skills and would highly recommend the school to other parents/grandparents.

Edward, February 2013

My son Jack (4yrs) was reluctant to get in the water at the start of the week, but by the end he was much more confident, and went from not wanting to put his face in the water to willingly going to the bottom of the pool to get toys. When he heard about this feedback form about the lessons he asked me to say: "They were brilliant! I love Chris [his main teacher], he helped me."

I would definitely recommend the school.

Mrs Dawson-Cantelo, September 2012

Mrs Dawson-Cantelo

I would just like to say that we have been having swimming lessons with MXT for over 3 years now. After one or two lessons my children had lost their fear of water, and now 3 years on all of them have progressed in strength, technique and grace. The health benefits of swimming are notable and MXT have made it a fun and relaxed environment. Thank you. Mum of four - from Worthing

Pauline Martin, February 2012

Over the last year both my children, aged 6 years and 18months, have enjoyed their lessons with the MXT Swim School and made huge progress. I then decided to take improver lessons myself, although I was a little sceptical what it would be like. I have always enjoyed swimming but now I have learnt good technique and improved my stamina. My lessons have become the highlight of my week. They are, fun informative and good fitness. For half an hour I forget everything else and concentrate on my lessons with the undivided attention of my instructor.

Martin Tooth, February 2012

I got to be 57 and still could not swim, despite constantly promising myself that I would take a special ‘teach you to swim in a week’ holiday. So why did I keep putting it off? I was scared probably, having only been in the water briefly as a boy, put there by a PE teacher whose idea of teaching was to supply a float and then chat to the PE mistress! A friend recommended MXT Swim School and gave me Mario’s number. It took me nearly 3 months to make that ‘phone call, but it was a ‘phone call that changed my life really.

Jolesfield School, September 2010

Jolesfield School Association would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your support of our recent Auction of Promises Event. We raised in excess of £4,000 on the night. We could not achieve this staggering amount without the continuous support and generosity shown to our village primary school by the local businesses.

From all of us at Jolesfield School, thank you MXT Swim.