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S Christiansen , July 2017

We have been coming for many years and it has been constantly good for my two boys.
The experience and the teaching technique we have had from MXT has been amazing.
We have finished our intensive course and my boys have achieved their 800m and 1500m.
What an amazing experience!

Kerry Halstead, July 2017

Esme and Jacob have both improved the technique of their strokes as well as diving while having a great time - they have looked forward to each lesson and made the most of the 30 minutes. I found the communication with regards to booking very easy and Chris was very accommodating and flexible to out time changes! We are going to continue with the lessons in September....thank you!

Lou Stevens, July 2017

We love mxt swim school. The staff are friendly and helpful. They make sure the kids will learn the swimming techniques which have been designed for their level of ability and involved with lots of fun and games. My daughter is a very confident swimmer but its good to see how much she has progressed in a matter of 3 months. The lessons are one to one which is great as the kids will get to have more concentration and more effective lessons.

Sarah Chandler, August 2016

Absolutely amazed with Jack's progress this week. Four days ago he couldn't swim and on his fourth lesson today not only did he swim a whole length for the first time, he also did two lengths of breast stroke, two of front crawl and four lengths of back crawl. Brought a tear to my eye, couldn't be more proud. Enormous thanks to MXT swim school.

Tim Wild, April 2016

In the 2/3 years that she's been coming to MXT, our daughter has turned from a nervous, clingy swimmer into a total water baby, happy to swim, dive and mess around in the water whenever she gets the chance - all that confidence and skill is due to the patience, kindness and expertise from the excellent teachers she's had.
It was worth every single penny, and Kirsten, myself and, most importantly Mika just want to thank you all at MXT Swimming School for everything you've done.

Melissa Pickett, February 2016

Highly recommend the intensive swimming course - both children who attended at half term have gained confidence and hugely improved technique.

Lucy and Rob Neal, February 2016

Thank you so much for our daughter Willow's week long course of intensive swimming lessons. Your team are so incredibly hard working and clearly very passionate about what they do. Willow has truly loved coming to each lesson and her teacher Sally's kind nature has played a massive part in that. She has achieved so much in just a week, it's quite unbelievable. Thank you also to Chris for supporting Willow with her confidence in the past, this has enabled her to trust other teachers in the water.

Laura Delehaye, November 2015

I bring my three children over from France whenever I can to see Granny and to have swimming lessons. The kids absolutely love their lessons, never grumble before going and improve so quickly with the fantastic teaching. It's really wonderful seeing them so happy and confident in the water. The teachers are really focused on the children, in the water with them and I can't recommend them highly enough!

Chloe Boxall, November 2015

Very pleased with MXT as always :)

Many thanks to the brilliant instructors and team at MXT - both of my children have loved their lessons and the progress they have made has been fantastic, especially during the Intensive week. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend MXT, we have tried several swim schools and they are by far the best :)

Dr H Morris, Hove, August 2015

"With MXT, my children have made more progress in one week than in 6 months with their previous swimming lessons. The instructors are great, I can't recommend them highly enough".

Sarah Skelding, June 2015

“I have spent a lot of time and money on my son’s swimming lessons but I was never happy with the progress made. After a friend’s recommendation my son, now 6 years old joined MXT, with Mario as his instructor.

Sarah Skelding, June 2015

I have spent a lot of time and money on my son’s swimming lessons but I was never happy with the progress made. After a friend’s recommendation my son, now 6 years old joined MXT, with Mario as his instructor.

Helen Hall, October 2014

Thank you for a brilliant week of training. Our son went from being a non swimmer with no water confidence to swimming 50 metres and absolutely loving the water!

Kate Cowan, October 2014

Both my boys (aged 4 and 6) went from non-swimmer to 2 lengths in a number of weeks. We have done several of the half term crash courses. I've tried other swim schools, but MXT are simply better. The kids learn faster and the one to one attention gives them more confidence and skills (and less standing still). It is expensive but the results are much quicker so ultimately it is better value for money than other swim schools.

Beth Suart, August 2014

I would highly recommend MXT. My eldest son had been to baby swim sessions at another school and at 2 suddenly became fearful and anxious in the water. We stopped the lessons as they were becoming too stressful for all concerned. Then I stumbled upon an advert for MXT and decided to give it a try. With kind and supportive one to one coaching my son found his love of the water. He is now a beautiful swimmer and he and his brother love every minute in the pool. I am delighted and grateful to Mario and his wonderful team!