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Rachel Bell - MXT SWIM TEACHER, February 2014

Working for Mario and the MXT Team, for the past 7 years, has been a real pleasure. I have grown both as a person and a teacher, under his employment, and he has been fully supportive and encouraging of my development. He has helped me find creative ways of inspiring children, and opened my mind to new approaches of teaching and learning.

Jason Thacker & Owen Thacker, September 2013

How my 'scaredy cat' and
'mermaid' learned to swim...

"Yes, what is it Owen?"
"Daddy, I didn't get my fifty metres badge."
He sounds down. I'm not quite sure how to handle disappointment in Portslade
from a Surrey office. I start to think of something to say.
"I got my 100 metres instead!"

Dr Diana Tamlyn, August 2013

Our two boys, 7 and 5 when they started, have gone from strength to strength with their swimming over the last few weeks. They are both confident in the water. The water is warm and the whole environment is safe and secure. Mario's teaching crew all use the same innovative approach to developing good technique. They are warm and friendly, and somehow bring the very best out of the children, who love their lessons. We aimed for them to be competent in the water, but now realise that their enthusiasm for swimming will be a huge positive factor in their lives.

Thank you Mario!

Michele, August 2013

Thank you MXT! we feel your approach to teaching is unrivalled and we have been to a few swim places over the years! My son arrived unable to swim for any periods (perhaps a 50m school badge) as he was disenchanted with the whole thought of being taught to swim! After a few individual lessons and at the end of week 1 with an intensive course, he completed 600m swim at 7 yrs of age. He went to a pool party and he naturally did the freestyle to get from A to B which he would never do before .... it just seemed to happen!

Paul and Madeleine, August 2013

MXT gave both our children additional water confidence and the ability to take their swimming to the next level. The atmosphere the staff create is fun and relaxed and the children absolutely love it. We highly recommend MXT.

Sarah Butler, August 2013

Thank you to the team at MXT swim school. Both my children have completed their first intensive course and were delighted to receive distance awards. Like their weekly lessons here, they found the sessions fun and have improved in both stamina and technique. The sessions allow them to swim, dive, play and enjoy the water while improving their confidence and ability in the water. The instructors are all excellent and very friendly.

Trevor Dudley, August 2013

My 5 yr old daughter just received her 200m badge from MXT. She has only had 3 x 5 day intensive lessons over the last 6 months and has progressed much faster than her peers who opted for regular weekly lessons from other schools. The only preparation she had before starting was a general confidence in water, and weekly swimming (play) with me in between the intensive courses. MXT have focused on the crawl but have also introduced backstroke and butterfly strokes recently which my daughter has picked up very quickly.

Chloe Hayward, August 2013

My 8 and 5 year old boys have just completed a week of MXT's intensive course. They loved going each day, the water is warm and they have had the full attention of their instructor which has meant each entire lesson has been spent swimming and then diving at the end. The lessons have improved their confidence and also has been helping them with their technique. I would recommend as a great environment to learn with exceptional genuine attention given to each child throughout the lesson - even the most unwilling child seems to be coaxed into the water.

Kate Kermack - Hassocks, August 2013

Both of my boys have had a few one to one sessions and have just completed a weeks swim course with MXT - they have vastly improved over the last 5 days at an incredible rate! I would thoroughly recommend MXT - the teachers are first class and interact so well with the children - both my boys looked forward to their daily swims and have become confident, happy swimmers! Thank you!

Mary Thain, August 2013

My two girls have been swimming with MXT for 2 years. Eva, who is now 6, learnt to swim on a summer intensive course. It was amazing to see how confident she became after a week. She has just got her 200m badge! Isabelle, now 8, has just got her 600m badge. She is a brilliant swimmer and has the most beautiful front crawl. Thank you to all those at MXT especially Mario, Chris, Rachel, Billy, Kerry, Andrea and Tim.

Mark Anderson,, August 2013

My 6 year old has just completed his one week of intensive lessons. Before the lessons he was not confident in water. In fact, on day one he was in tears because he didn't want to do it. His teacher was fantastic and gave him lots of reassurance and high fives! By the end of the week he was confident in the water and even dived into the deep end, hands and head first.
I am so grateful for the patience and encouragement of his teacher. I would definitely recommend MXT for one to one lessons as so much can be achieved in a short space of time. Thank you!

Anja Hemmerich , August 2013

Fast track indeed! My 10 year old son became a confident swimmer in next to no time. Having had bad experiences during school swimming lessons he didn't trust anyone to teach him but the lovely team at MXT strengthened his confidence and completely turned it around! He was looking forward to his lessons and couldn't wait to jump in! Many thanks to the competent and friendly teachers and Chris and Mario!

Anja and family from Lewes

Nicola, Mum of 2 (6 1/2 and 21/2), July 2013

Although we'd taken our son for swimming lessons since he was a baby it had always been a battle. He never enjoyed them and as a result was still very nervous in the water with hardly any confidence. However, that changed when we started lessons with MXT. In the first lesson they had him smiling as he put his head in the water! Now 6 months later he has his 15m badge and laughs as he jumps into the deep end.They have managed to turn swimming lesson from something we used to dread into something Owen really looks forward to.

Kirsty, Mum of 2, Worthing, July 2013

Both my children have had swimming lessons with Mario - I really like his style and pace of teaching which is suited to the individual child. My older daughter could already swim but had some lessons to improve on her technique. My younger daughter was unable to swim and very nervous in the water and within 4 months of lessons could swim independently and now enjoys joining in the swimming races at school. As she had been so nervous, we were told by another swim school that they wouldn't accept her but Mario turned the situation around.

Chessy and George Tudor-Williams, June 2013

My little boy has sat for four years looking longingly at our pool at home and on holidays wishing he was brave enough to get in but he just couldn't because he was terrified of everything to do with water, even baths were a chore and an experience he never enjoyed. I thought that taking him to swimming lessons was going to be miserable and a time that he cried and felt afraid and I watched in horror as I put my son through this trauma. How wrong I was!!