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William and Elsie Jeynes, August 2014

Mxt school you have been brilliant, we cannot recommend you enough for William and Elsie. For Elsie not being able to swim to now in only two weeks being able to swim 50m is just incredible. William has gained so much confidence and amazed he is now at 200m. Thank you so so so so much. Love the Jeynes's xx

Ali Biancalana, August 2014

When we moved from London, we wanted to find a swim school that would be able to offer one-to-one tuition for our autistic son to continue his lessons (he had earned his 100m badge and was keen to continue). We had various recommendations for MXT and after a chat with Mario, we felt confident that we were making the right choice. In the 6 months he has been swimming here, our son has come on so well! His confidence in the water has increased, he is learning all the strokes correctly and even self-correcting himself in the pool during lessons.

Rachel Aberdour, August 2014

My 3 children (aged 3, 5 and 9) have just finished the intensive summer swim course run by MXT and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves! It was great to see them working in such a small group (2 children to 1 teacher) and improving every day, resulting in them all receiving a certificate and badge at the end of the week. The pool and changing area was very clean and the staff friendly and supportive.
Many thanks MXT!

Angela Chadwick, June 2014

We started our four children at MXT, then aged 9, 7, 6 and 3 years old in August 2013. I recall booking the lessons in a rush and was rather surprised that Mario could fit them all in at the same time, having been used to waiting endless hours entertaining three children whilst one swam and then rotating them through the evening swimming sessions which was highly boring, prolonged, and occasionally stressful.

Claire Philpott, June 2014

Mario, Chris and his team are brilliant, we can’t thank them enough..

Harrison (10yrs) has been with them only 3 months and has gone from 2 lengths to his 600m badge, which he is so pleased with.

He has had one to one with Jack and gone from half an hour a week to an hour a week, with the excellent professional coaching he is thriving and he loves it, they have taught him so much. His aim is to compete and win medals, so watch out Olympics!

Trevor & Ella, April 2014

I think Mario's class is brilliant. It has been really helping me to swim better. Today I am doing my 800 meter badge ... Wish me luck please
By Ella, age 8.
The classes are always great fun, the instructors actually get into the water with the kids rather than shouting at them from the side. There is a great atmosphere and all of the kids seem to be having a great time and growing in confidence and ability.
By Ella's Dad, age 46.

Anjum Manzoor, April 2014

My 9 & 11 year old have improved so much, normally getting them out of bed in the holidays is a mission but this week they were chasing me out of the door! My 4 year old is having so much fun and best of all thanks to Rachel's endless patience my youngest who is only 20 months old has gone from being terrified in the water to having an absolute ball!

Susi Lancaster, April 2014

I first brought Toby to an MXT course at the age of 8. He could swim just about 10m in a kind of
doggy paddle and had not been out of his depth without arm bands. After a week, with some special
individual attention to increase his confidence in the water, he gained his first certificate and badge -200m!
We have come to many of the intensive courses now and Toby (age 10) has swum 1500m. I'm very
pleased with the great technique he has developed.
Elsie first took the plunge and did an intensive course at the age of 6. She had been swimming with

Mrs Singleton, Chichester, April 2014

Our twin 4 year old girls have been last August and this Easter for the intensive course in Upper Beeding. We travel from Chichester so quite a way every day, but the lessons are so fantastic its well worth the journey! They both have had so much fun in the lessons and we as parents have been amazed at the skills that they have learnt in just 5 days each time. We would definitely recommend MXT to any other parents wishing their children to have fun and most importantly, be safe in the water. Thanks again Mario and all at MXT.

Kelly Bates - Hurstpierpoint, April 2014

My two children have done the MXT intensive courses over the last 18mths and have gone from strength to strength. My then 6 yr old son didn't really swim with any technique when he started and now is a strong swimmer with great technique, he engages well with each teacher and really takes on board what that say. My 3 yr old daughter was very nervous when she started and took a few days to start to enjoy it, but she now counts down the days until the next course.

Sharon Francis, April 2014

My three children have completed three intensive courses with MXT and they have been amazing. They started off as non swimmers and now my eldest has completed his 400m badge, my 6 year old has achieved his 25m and my four old has become so confident in the water. All the instructors are very professional and friendly and know how to obtain amazing results. I would highly recommend MXT as the children progress so quickly and you can see the difference in just a few sessions.

Linda Long, March 2014

MXT Teacher: Timothy Long
a Personal Statement from his Parents

Rachel Bell - MXT SWIM TEACHER, February 2014

Working for Mario and the MXT Team, for the past 7 years, has been a real pleasure. I have grown both as a person and a teacher, under his employment, and he has been fully supportive and encouraging of my development. He has helped me find creative ways of inspiring children, and opened my mind to new approaches of teaching and learning.

Jason Thacker & Owen Thacker, September 2013

How my 'scaredy cat' and
'mermaid' learned to swim...

"Yes, what is it Owen?"
"Daddy, I didn't get my fifty metres badge."
He sounds down. I'm not quite sure how to handle disappointment in Portslade
from a Surrey office. I start to think of something to say.
"I got my 100 metres instead!"

Dr Diana Tamlyn, August 2013

Our two boys, 7 and 5 when they started, have gone from strength to strength with their swimming over the last few weeks. They are both confident in the water. The water is warm and the whole environment is safe and secure. Mario's teaching crew all use the same innovative approach to developing good technique. They are warm and friendly, and somehow bring the very best out of the children, who love their lessons. We aimed for them to be competent in the water, but now realise that their enthusiasm for swimming will be a huge positive factor in their lives.

Thank you Mario!