Career Progression

The first step to becoming a swimming teacher is deciding on which awarding body you would like to study under.

With over 20 years of experience in the swimming teaching industry, we recommend the regulated qualifications developed by the experts at Safety Training Awards, which is the awarding organisation of the internationally recognised organisation, the Swimming Teachers' Association (STA).

The total cost of becoming a fully qualified swimming teacher with MXT and the STA is well under £900, including all pre-requisites, membership and qualification fees. This is much more affordable than other awarding bodies and training providers, which can cost almost that much for participation in just one course.

If you decide to study under the STA with the MXT Centre for Training, the next step would be to contact us to find out our next course dates of the STA Award in Swimming Teaching. We run the STA Safety Award for Teachers in conjunction with this course so that all of your course requirements can be easily fulfilled.

Before the Award course commences, we will ask you to become a member of the STA and to complete the Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults online learning course. We will be here to guide you through all of the steps required and ensure that you have the best chance and overall experience to begin your new career.

Upon successful completion of the STA Award in Swimming Teaching and gaining experience (which we can provide you with on a voluntary basis), you can then progress to the STA Certificate in Swimming Teaching to become a fully qualified swimming teacher.

In some cases, we may be able to sponsor your course fees and even provide you with a paid swimming teaching position - please contact us for more information (terms and conditions apply).

Once you are fully qualified, you will have opportunities to specialise in specific areas of teaching, by achieving qualifications such as the People with Disabilities course and Baby and Pre-School Award.