Please read our COVID-19 Information page.

                                                                    Great News!

As per the Government's announcement, we are planning on re-opening on 2nd December. 

Customers who pay by Direct Debit will have any credit carried forward, and December's payment will be suspended.

For new customers, please feel free to contact us for further information and how to book lessons.

Why Become a Swimming Teacher?

There is currently a nationally recognised shortage of swimming teachers - they are in high demand.

With flexible teaching hours to fit around your lifestyle, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of a work-life balance whilst teaching an incredible and important life skill.

Fully qualified swim teachers can earn between £10 and £25 per hour, with an average UK hourly rate of £14.89.

The Safety Training Awards is the awarding body of the Swimming Teachers' Association (STA), an internationally recognised organisation, and their qualifications allow you to provide swimming teaching at home and abroad. We are an Approved Training Centre for Safety Training Awards, delivering their regulated qualifications.

Interested in joining one of our courses? Contact us today.

Want more information about the process of becoming a swimming teacher? Visit our Career Progression page.