Why chose STA Qualifications?

Safety Training Awards' is the Awarding organisation of the Swimming Teachers' Association (STA).

The STA is an internatinaly recognised organisation and a founding member of the International Federation of Swimming Teachers’ Associations. Safety Training Awards is regulated by Ofqual in England but there courses are delivered around the world.

Befits of STA Qualifications

  • STA's qualifications are internatinally recognised, opening up a whole world or opportunities.
  • Both Swimming Teacher Qualifications sit at Level 2 on the qualification framework, meaning you can teacher more compared to other awarding organisations. See our comparison chart.
  • STA Qualifications are more time and cost effective than other Awarding Organisiations.
  • STA are an awarding organisation partner with CIMSPA, who develop professional standards to meet the needs of the industry.