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Chessy and George Tudor-Williams, June 2013

My little boy has sat for four years looking longingly at our pool at home and on holidays wishing he was brave enough to get in but he just couldn't because he was terrified of everything to do with water, even baths were a chore and an experience he never enjoyed. I thought that taking him to swimming lessons was going to be miserable and a time that he cried and felt afraid and I watched in horror as I put my son through this trauma. How wrong I was!!

The team at MXT were recommended to me by many and they have been fantastic. After a little wobble on the first lesson, he has made enormous progress each week but always at the perfect speed for him and what he was ready to manage. The teachers always care, they always make it fun and they always reinforce that he can and will do it. They have helped him surpass all my expectations and I am so grateful. Money very, very well spent.