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Michele, August 2013

Thank you MXT! we feel your approach to teaching is unrivalled and we have been to a few swim places over the years! My son arrived unable to swim for any periods (perhaps a 50m school badge) as he was disenchanted with the whole thought of being taught to swim! After a few individual lessons and at the end of week 1 with an intensive course, he completed 600m swim at 7 yrs of age. He went to a pool party and he naturally did the freestyle to get from A to B which he would never do before .... it just seemed to happen! The following week, we had variety with breaststroke included and at the end of that week he completed 800m, unimaginable ! This week he has continued with freestyle, and breaststroke and incorporated now his favourite stroke the FLY as he gets his head and arms out of the water he is beaming .... how do you do that! I think its the speed of teaching, always on the move, always engaging, treating each child as an individual, eye contact, showing many different ways till the child 'gets it' ... these and the amazing passion demonstrated by his teachers maybe just a few reasons why ... and I believe this passion has transferred to my child to want to succeed. Your team is great and we are very glad we have found you, thank you all.